The GPS Page

Global positioning system more commonly known as GPS is a gadget whose importance is growing in the fields of navigation, tracking etc. Click here for a presentation on the working of GPS, errors associated and programming of the GPS

A lot of work is being done on the GPS( Global Positioning System) at IMSL. Most of this work revolves around how to implement autonomous flight using the GPS. We have 3 GPS receivers and now an additional GPS watch for the purpose of our work. The initial learning was done on the Lowrance Handheld GPS . It was used to log data in the NMEA format.. This was done as a part of a student summer project which gave us a lot of insight to how the GPS works and the NMEA message format and also on the interfacing. Later  work  was done on the Rockwell Jupiter OEM GPS receiver core . The following projects have been successfully completed using the above GPS.

The latest addition in our GPS collection in the Casio's GPS watch. Currently work is going on  the new GPS receiver JP3 obtained from Falcom which weighs 6.3 gms. This GPS also send data in the NMEA format and additionally it also output in the Sirf Binary format.