Centre for Aerospace Systems Design and Engineering
Department of Aerospace Engineering, IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai 400076
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How to Reach

If you can find your way to IIT

  • CASDE is in Department of Aerospace Engineering marked as Location 25 on the map.
  • IIT Guest House is marked as location 35. Both Jal Vihar (Old Guest house) and Van Vihar (New Guest house) are side by side at location 35.
  • Staff Hostel is shown in the map at location 64. You will need to first report to Jal Vihar, pick up the keys and then proceed to Staff Hostel

If you have not visited IIT at Mumbai before

  • Mumbai map shown here marks where IIT is located
  • Some rough idea on fares
    Mumbai MAP If you are coming by air (you will land at domestic terminal at Santacruz):
    • Taxi should cost you between Rs 160 to Rs 200.
    • Auto between Rs 80 to Rs 100
    If you are coming by train:
    • VT Station (Presently known as CST) - Taxi Rs 350 (No auto here)
    • Kurla terminus - Auto Rs 60, Taxi Rs 130
    • Bandra terminus - Auto Rs 110, Taxi Rs 230
  • For detailed information on IIT Bombay and how to reach from various locations in the city, visit IIT Website.
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