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CASDE Origin

July 11, 1996 Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Scientific Advisor to the Defence Minister, in his convocation address at IIT Bombay calls upon IIT to work on Systems Engineering.
August 21, 1996 ARDB writes to IIT Bombay seeking a proposal towards setting up a Centre for Aerospace Systems Design & Engineering (CASDE). Director IIT Bombay constituted a committee to prepare a project proposal.
July 1997 Department of Aerospace Engineering submits an Initial Proposal to ARDB.
August 12, 1997 ARDB Technical Committee meets at Bangalore. Prof SP Sukhatme, Director, IITB, Prof. S Suryanarayana and Prof. K. Sudhakar attended the meeting and Sudhakar made a Presentation (PPT) on setting up a Centre. ARDB-TC approved it in principle and a subcommitee Chaired by Professor Vasagam is formed to make final recommendations on the proposal.
October 14, 1997 Subcommittee meets and makes some Recommendations.
October 30, 1997 The recommendations of Subcommittee are incorporated as Changes in the proposal and the Revised Proposal submitted to ARDB.
November 1997 Senate IIT Bombay is briefed about the proposal to set up CASDE.
March 1998 ARDB Sanctions the project to set up "ARDB Centre for Aerospace Systems Design & Engineering (CASDE)"
July 11, 1998 Board of Governers, IIT Bombay approves setting up of the Centre
August 11, 1998 Director, IIT Bombay appoints Professor K. Sudhakar, Dept. of Aerospace Engineering as the first Head, CASDE.
March 31, 2004 : End of Phase-I
Closure Report of Phase-I
Towards Phase-II
September 12, 2003 CASDE Phase-II proposal is placed before Joint Policy Committee
October 18, 2003 JPC Subcommittee met at Bangalore. A short presentation was made by CASDE and discussions followed. A document proposing various models for sustenance of CASDE was placed before the Sub-Committee. An Executive Summary of Proposal for Phase-II of CASDE was also placed before the Sub-Committee. Model-B as presented in the report by CASDE was the preferred choice.
Minutes of the Sub-committee meeting are relaesed.
A Propoasl for Phase II of CASDE is now with members of JPC
January 9, 2004 ARDB Technical Committee met (25th Meeting) at ADE at 14:30 hrs. Main agenda for the meeting was Proposal for Phase-II of CASDE. Mr MD Aravamudhan, Convenor Technical Committee, Director ADE in his opening remarks spoke highly and at length of CASDE's contributions in Systems Design area. Prof Sudhakar made a presentation on 5 Years of CASDE (1998 to 2003). Prof Ashok Joshi, Head CASDE made a presentation about the Phase-II Proposal.. Members of TC and others confirmed their confidence in CASDE and spoke of need to continue ARDB's support to CASDE. ARDB TC after some deliberations recommended that Phase-II be cleared as proposed by CASDE.
February 19, 2004 Sanction letter for Phase-II arrives.
April 1, 2004 : Beginning of Phase - II
February 2005 CASDE submits Summary of Work Done during first year and planned work for second year.

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