Centre for Aerospace Systems Design and Engineering
Department of Aerospace Engineering, IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai 400076
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One of the main objectives of Centre for Aerospace Systems Design and Engineering is the introduction of formal education in "Aerospace Systems Engineering" at the M. Tech level. The Aerospace Engineering Department and the Centre have together formulated such an M.Tech programme. A draft M.Tech programme structure for the "Systems Engineering" (SE) specialization in M.Tech (Aerospace Engineering) was arrived at by a group of faculty members from Aerospace Department who are closely involved with CASDE. Subsequently, a One Day Workshop on Aerospace Systems Engineering Education was organized on December 2, 1998. This workshop drew participation from most of the Aerospace organizations within the country.

The workshop deliberated in detail on the programme structure, the courses and their syllabi. The programme structure proposed has incorporated the suggestions and recommendations brought out during these deliberations. The proposed programme aims to account for the varied needs of different aerospace organizations in India and our national aerospace projects.

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