Teaching @IITB
Faculty Retreat on UG Teaching & Learning @IITB
September 14-15, 2010, Gulmohar, IIT Bombay, Mumbai

Here we briefly capture the event.

What all happened in preparation for the event

  1. It all started by creating a document What Ails Us explaining the approach to discover issues that plague UG Education

  2. Here is the document listing diagnostic questions that highlights issues that was circulated to people who were interviewed

  3. A report that summarises outcome of interviews is available
  4. (kindly wait for a few days)

  5. Close to 110 faculty registrerd online for the event

  6. A rough outline of chain of activities for the retreat was created

September 14, 2010
  1. Prof Virendra Sethi welcomed the gathering and gave the background to the retreat

  2. Prof Devang Khakhar made his opening remarks to the delegates to the retreat

  3. Prof Ashish Pandey then briefed the audience on the structured process that they were to go through

  4. Snaps will come up as and when we get them

  5. Posters on Good Teaching : We Did This

  6. Prof Sudhakar pesented the diagnostics based on the report prepared after interviewing people

September 15, 2010
  1. Posters on Here is our dream for a teaching/learning environment at IITB

  2. Posters on Systems & Processes that can help us realise Our Dreams

  3. Incase the quality of posters is not good you can find the systems & processes suggested by 6 groups here.

All this happened post the event
  • An email as follows was sent to all Groups that provided themes -
    "Thank you for being a part of the completion process of the FARM retreat.
    I am sending this email also to request you to kindly elaborate
    on the 3 key themes that your group (Group x) had proposed :"

  • Here are consolidated responses from each Group

    1. Group 1
    2. Group 3
    3. Group 4
    4. Group 5
    5. Group 6
    Incase you find your inputs missing in the consolidation above kindly email us and forward your email again.