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Innovative Designs and Shapes

April 9, 2004 : Dean (RM) Offers to Find Financial Support

June 2004 : Mr Suhas Pai offers help to set up IDeAS

Creative minds in aerospace have given expressions to their innovative ideas using paper, thermocole, balsa, etc. Imagine availability of all this and tools for working with these materials, and much, more. Visualise now an ambience that projects creative vehicles and extraordinary shapes that have taken to air; and all set in the backdrop of a 2-seater aircraft that doubles up as a Flight Simulator - and that is IDeAS Laboratory. Laboratory will also have a variety of radio controlled vehicles that are ready to fly; for use by students for shear joy of flying them and also as instructional aid in flight mechanics

IDeAS has been on our minds for couple of years. It figured in the wish list of the department in a report prepared in July 2001 (see page 3-4 and 7-9 doc version, pdf version). Trickling in of financial and other support has seen a very slow growth of IDeAS.

  • Student Gymkhana provided Rs 10,000 in the year 2003-2004 towards these activities. Mr Nitin Gupta, DD student of Aerospace coordinated all activities in this.
  • The Aeronautical Society of India provided close to Rs 30,000 in the year 2002-2003 to build a replica of Wright Flyer.
  • CASDE offered much of its Mechatronics laboratory and MAV development facility to students during 2002-2004. Here is a link to what students did during the summer 2003; Are you impressed!

Department of Aerospace Engineering is constantly working towards putting IDeAS together. Email your ideas for IDeAS?

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