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Mini Air Vehicle Development @ CASDE

CASDE is engaged in several activities in the area of design, development, building, system integration and flying of miniature aero vehicles. The focus is on fixed wing aircraft. The framework for these activities was formulated at a 2-Day Discussion Meeting-cum-Workshop held on August 14-15, 1999 at Kalsa, Chickmagalur. These activities are supported by the Integrated Modeling & Simulation Laboratory (IMSL) of CASDE, which provides infrastructure support in terms of software and hardware for all such work  undertaken by the M.Tech. and B.Tech. students.

Mini and Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) is the current research and development work worldwide. The inherent advantage of MAVs in terms of small size and low cost have defined new roles in civil and military applications. The various roles defined are video surveillance, chemical leakage detection, disaster management, reconnaissance etc. MAV development is a involved process and at CASDE various aspects of this has been looked into. For example instrumentation of an remotely controlled aircraft, design of aerial vehicle for specific roles. Keeping MAV development as focus various facilities are being developed, which will directly have impact in this direction.

Activities at a Glance

The focus is on MAV development for autonomous mission. The Integrated Modelling and Simulation Lab. provides an integrated environment for this work. The overall goal is divided into sub-tasks and these are completed through students and in-house projects. Some of the students projects completed are Instrumentation of Radio Controlled aircraft, Mini Solar powered aircraft etc.

Facilities are also being developed through students or in-house projects. Hardware-in-Loop Simulator for MAV is under progress as a part of a Dual degree student project. A low speed Wind Tunnel was fabricated and further testing is under progress. An in-house project on GPS integration and trajectory recording has been completed. Fabrication of MAVs using innovative materials and construction methods is planned in the near future.

Short term courses on MAV design, build and fly, testing of MAVs etc. were also delivered. A Continuing Education Program on Mechatronics with focus on integration of MEMS based sensors in a system was also conducted.

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