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Systems Engineering

  1. What is Systems Engineering? (According to AIAA)
  2. What is Systems Engineering? (According to INCOSE)
  3. Why Systems Engineering? (According to AIAA)

Systems Engineering has been an area of interest to CASDE since its inception in 1999. It figured as a 4 credit course for Masters level specialisation in Systems Design & Engineering since 2001. This course was taught by visiting faculty like Dr. Kota Harinarayana and others from industry and was coordinated by Prof K Sudhakar from CASDE.

Dr. K Ramchand is perhaps the first to think Systems Engineering from within India. Dr Ramchand was Director of Centre for AirBorne Systems (CABS), Bangalore. His doctoral thesis Systems Engineering Approach to Airfleet and Maintenance Planning submiited to IISc, Bangalore in 1977 must have been one of earliest published works in SE from India.

National Institute of Advanced Studies has been conducting Winter School on System Operational Effectiveness: Systems Engineering & Profitability aimed at senior executives. Third such winter school may get scheduled in 2004. Prof. Rajagopal of NIAS has been behind this initiative and he has also put together a SE module as an induction programme for fresh recruits to DRDO.

Systems Engineering activity at CASDE received a kick start when Mr. J Jayaraman joined CASDE on April 8, 2003. Jayaraman was Project Director (Lakhsya) at ADE and has keen interest in Systems Engineering. Jayaramn has been spending 2 days a week at CASDE since April 2003 and has evolved a 5-Day Course on Systems Engineering Process under Continuing Education Programme of IIT Bombay. The course is aimed lower and middle cadres and aims to initiate them in SE thinking.

The first course was offered in April 13-17, 2004 and was well received by 18 people from various organisations. The valedictory session of the above course had every delegate wanting a Special Interest Group on Systems Engineering to be coordinated by CASDE. Mr J Jayaraman has agreed to coordinate this effort. This webpage was born on April 18, 2004 as part of this initiative.

Dr. Kota Harinarayana, ex-Programme Director (LCA) and presently Raja Ramanna Fellow has been a promoter of Systems Engineering from the inception of CASDE. He motivated people to come together to form the Special Interest Group - Systems Engineering and actively participated in most of its meetings and evets.

Quotable Quote

What advise would you give to others hoping to do similarly was the question put to Dr. (Ms) Sharon Laubach, Chief of Mars Exploration Rover Integrated Sequencing Team, NASA JPL, considering her valuable contribution to Mars Rover.

She responded:

"An important trait is to do Systems Engineering - step back and look at the big picture. Even if you are worried on a small piece of a project, it is important to see how it fits in with the whole."

(Source: Flight International, January 10-16, 2006. pp 77)

If you are interested in Systems Engineering and want to be part of this group kindly contact us.

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