Indian Spring School

Bangalore, India

March 24-28, 2008
Indian Spring School COURSE brochure .



This school will discuss fundamentals of requirements elicitation, analysis, management, and traceability on complex system design, development, and integration projects. Participants will also be introduced to methods and practices to formulate a system architecture (operational, logical/functional, and physicals architectures). Concepts such as open system architectures and scalable architectures will also be explored and discussed. Extensive use of case studies and examples will be made to facilitate the learning process. Emphasis will be on enhancing the effectiveness of deployed systems while concurrently reducing their operational and service costs.

Target Group

The Spring School is aimed at anybody involved in the engineering and management of technical systems (systems comprising hardware / software / humans) and software intensive systems and solutions. It is a good opportunity to establish a common platform for customers and contractors (acquirer and supplier) project teams as well as for different departments within an organization.

European participants, during earlier Scandinavian Summer Schools, include representation from Adtranz/Bombardier, Bofors, Swedish and Norwegian Defence (Air, Army, Navy, Logistics), Nokia, Saab Automobile, Saab Group (Aerospace, Avionics, Bofors Dynamics, TechSystems, Training Systems), Siemens, Swedish State Railways, Swedpower, TVO and Volvo group. US participation has included organizations such as BAE, ITT, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, NASA, L-3 Communications, NAVAIR, SAIC, Northrup Grumman, Raytheon, Sandia National Laboratories, and within Asia, Nokia, IBM, and DRDO.


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